Cecilia Macaulay – Declutter and Reset Workshop

Did you know Australia has its own queen of decluttering and resetting? This workshop is a rare opportunity to learn directly from this highly regarded and innovative designer during a brief visit to the NSW Central Coast. Read of her many impressive adventures below. Cecilia Macaulay is a permaculture designer who helps people streamline their lives and rediscover their joy. In this two and a half hour workshop, Cecilia guides you easily through the process of shedding what no longer serves you and resetting your home to become a place of peaceful comfort. Cecilia also shows you how you and your family can maintain your new space without stress or tears. Is there a playful way to get children to tidy up? Yes, there is. Is there a joyful way for housemates to share a home? Yes! This one day workshop includes real life before-and-after examples and practical advice that you can use as soon as you get you are drowning in piles of stuff or just wanting to create a more joyful place to live, Cecilia’s graceful methods can transform your home, your mind and your relationships.  In addition to her long list of achievements, Cecilia recently featured in David Holmgren‘s best-selling book, workshop also offers you the opportunity to be part of a six week followup group on Facebook, where you continue to co-create your new spaces with Cecilia and fellow workshop CECILIA MACAULAY Cecilia designs ecosystems. With foundations in Permaculture and Japanese design principles, she has devoted decades to acquiring and teaching her unconventional life-design skills in Australia and Japan, and has seen how they transformed lives.  Her past projects include the design of a self-maintaining garden for Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean island and consulting for the iconic Taronga Zoo’s 10 year plan. Cecilia is the co-author of LoCoS Visual Language for Global Communication together with the legendary user interface designer Aaron Marcus. She spoke at high-profile events such as Vivid Ideas Sydney (Design To Make Good Things Happen), Mind And Its Potential, and Happiness And Its Causes. Workshops she’s created range from corporate communication workshops in Copenhagen to sustainability workshops for local governments in Australia and overseas. Past participants of her home makeover programs said they are “life-changing” and “eye-opening”.ABOUT OUR VENUE Bamboo Buddha is an iconic and much-loved local cafe that serves great coffee and delectable vegetarian food in a rainforest setting. Saturday is a popular day for the cafe so please assist less able patrons by:- Car pooling- Parking outside Holgate Public School and walking a short distance to the cafe- Parking in Manor Hill Close if neither of these options is suitable. – If you have limited mobility please feel free to park as close to the venue as the courtesy of others allows.  Workshop participants are welcome to enjoy either breakfast or lunch at the cafe at their own expense. Meals are not included in this workshop. The cafe opens at 9.00am. REFUNDSPermacoach are hosting Cecilia’s visit and will not make any profit from this workshop. All earnings will go to Cecilia and her projects. We are unable to offer any refunds. If you purchase a ticket and connot attend, feel free to gift it or onsell it to someone else. They will need your name when they arrive so that we can mark off the attendance list.