Career Orientation with Fulbrighters

Career Orientation Seminar with Fulbrighters 2017 on choosing majors and careers to encourage and inspire young people to pursue their careers and their dreams. In this seminar, four speakers from different fields (art, business, NGO, start-up) will share with you their career stories, hindrances and how they overcame. In addition, 15 Fulbrighters in different fields will give you direct counseling on your interest career in the last section. We have 4 booths that will serve your specific questions on your career. Booth 1: Art, Journalism, Communication, Education, Social Science Booth 2: Government agencies, NGO, social service Booth 3: Business, Economy Booth 4: Medicine, Natural science and others Please register to attend at this link: Hủy bỏ hoặc cập nhật sự kiện | Tiếp xúc | Privacy | Terms