Can People With Dementia Thrive in Your Community?

Are you a community venue or could you work with a community venue to make a difference? Dementia is a devastating diagnosis. So it is no wonder that the term ‘thrive’ and ‘dementia’ rarely go hand in hand. Dementia has been termed as one of the biggest global health crisis’ of the 21st century. Whilst researchers work hard behind the scenes to find effective prevention for dementia more and more people are developing the condition. It is estimated that one person every three minutes is developing dementia worldwide. Our communities need to play a strong part in supporting those with dementia and often feel unskilled, unable and unsure of what is required. Memory Matters South West CIC are four years into a 6-year project in Cornwall funded by The Big Lottery. The aim is to test a model of community workshops that aim to keep people well for longer by keeping them connected to their communities and making them feel less isolated. Our mission is to create communities where people with dementia can thrive despite their symptoms. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) should be available to EVERYONE living with mild to moderate dementia in ALL communities (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence), yet provision is sporadic. In many areas, people have access to a short course which they feel the benefits too, only for it to stop soon after. Memory Matters want to join up with communities to make a real difference for the well-being of people living with dementia by providing the support to enable community venues to provide our tried and tested workshops by using our model. This open afternoon allows you to listen to Laura and Kate (Founders of Memory Matters) whilst they present the simple Memory Matters Workshop model and learn how your community venue can be a front runner in making these workshops accessible to all people living with mild to moderate dementia in your community. Learn  The findings of our three-year pilot How our model works Who can run Memory Matters Workshops All the answers to your questions Join other forward-thinking innovative communities and make a difference!