Call for Sunday Prayers for Our Nation

JOIN ***Call for Sunday Prayers for Our Nation*** ONGOING 4+ Years! And Continuing to 2020. GOD SPEED TO VIEW PRAYERS: LOG in to Facebook, **Click on a RECENT POST to Unveil the Prayers** Posted Every Sunday & During the Week. SAVE the Link!

Dear Lord, Be with the Truth Seekers, Guide our steps and grant us wisdom to Seek Your Will. In the name of your son, Christ Jesus, we pray. «For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.» Matthew 18:20 «See, my servant will act wisely; he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.» -amen Isaiah 52:13 ************************************************ This prayer event started in August 2012 to pray for Mitt Romney and a Successful Nomination. Our Nation will be blessed with a God Fearing Leader at the helm. But this Blessing is for all of us: Our race, gender, religion, financial status and politics aside – We are Americans, with a birthright of Liberty and Constitutional Rights. The Call Now is to Pray for Our Nation. This event is seeking Prayers to heal our in-fighting in the GOP and to Restore love for all Americans so that the Republicans may be Victorious by Being the Party of Liberty. This is The Call. ************************************************* Join us and Invite Friends too. Everyone can help us, by praying, by inviting, by posting a link to this event on their profile. Thank you!! God Speed! Here is the link to share, too.

*************************************************** Below are some of our past Calls to Prayer. God has not forsaken us, we must continue to Seek Him in our Prayers. ******************************************** Call for Prayer for Successful Romney VICTORY on November 6 th! ***************************************************** We’ve been praying since before the GOP Convention! **************************************************** You are welcome to share the day with us! It is beautiful to see the prayers here, very encouraging to all of us and reminds us to pray as well, we are so blessed. Please add Special Prayers for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and also for the Debates and for everyone working so hard to bring Victory Home! ************************************************ Join us! Share the link, Share the word, Invite your friends, add your prayers. SHARE this link: PRAYERS for SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4 !! The Election is on Nov.6th!

Call Out for weekly Sunday Prayers until Election Day, November 6, 2012, and that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan be Guided to Victory! ************************************************ Don’t worry if someone comes in and is negative and not with us. The Important thing is that WE ARE ONE i— Our prayers are strong because God is strong. Many blessings to all of you staying in prayer!! Thank you | Contact | Privacy | Terms