Business Change Completing the Circle

SPEAKERS Lorne Mitchell BSc (Eng) MBA CEng CITP FBCS —————————————————————————– AGENDA18:00 – Refreshments and networking 18:30 – Main presentation 19:30 – Refreshments, sandwiches, networking 20:30 – Close —————————————————————————– SYNOPSIS With the increasing pace of business change, old structures of organisational design are struggling to keep up. We have learn a lot from the agile movement – but many design teams using such methods can get wrapped up in their own worlds and forget who they are working for! This session will introduce a revolutionary (deliberate pun intended) method that treats an organisation as an organism – with nested circles which are connected together in a similar way to the cells and organs in the human body. Taking analogies from the world of the honeybee and biology, as well as other non-technical disciplines, an overview of Circular Business Design will be presented in a colourful and entertaining manner. The model and ideas are scalable and can be used at departmental, corporate and even industry levels. There is also a lot of emergent interest in how to apply the model to the challenges of implementing new business models for the Circular Economy. The experience should leave the audience ready to explore new and different ways to address the challenges they **** to get out of their boxes and create new circles of transformation. ————————————————————————– SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY Lorne Mitchell spent 9 years in the British Army followed by a series of executive roles in international telecommunications working for divisions of BT, MCI, AT&T, KPN. This was followed by a third career in business consulting working for PwC and IBM with a range of similar clients from T-Mobile to telecoms start-ups. During this time he saw the opportunities to bring the best ideas from agile software development to effect wider business transformation. Since 2008 he has run his own business, Objective Designers, that specialises in strategic business design, enterprise architecture and operational process improvement for the Telecoms, Media and IT sectors. In the past three years, he has taken this learning to create a revolutionary method called Circular Business Design that allows clients and practitioners to get out of their boxes and silos and frame their business in a new way as a number of intersecting circles. The method accelerates business transformation in a colourful and vibrant way that few other methods can match. Lorne is co-chair of the BCS Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group and is in his element running workshops and chairing conferences and is never happier at energising audiences to think differently and challenge the status quo. —————————————————————————– For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters. —————————————————————————– THIS EVENT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:Business Change Specialist Group Visit