Building a 10-Year State Disability Plan – Transport

The State Disability Plan (the Plan) is currently being developed by the Department of Communities and aims to support and empower people with disability in Western Australia over the coming decade. The first two stages of consultation, Defining a 10-year Vision and Exploring our Community are complete with over 1600 ideas captured to assist in building the Plan. The third stage Building a 10-year Plan has commenced and is centred around an approach of co-design, partnering with People With disabilities WA (PWdWA). This co-design process will make the voices and experiences of people with disability central in developing the State Disability Plan. The co-design group have considered emerging themes from the 1600 ideas, identified priorities, gaps and key themes and developed a Directions Framework for exploring through this next stage of consultation. Consultation workshops will take place around each of the key areas including; education, employment, transport, health, housing, place-based (local community), rights and justice, support services. This workshop is focused on Transport. If you have interest and focus on this area, we welcome you to attend. Registrations are essential. For more information on the process to build the Plan please visit