A MUST-ATTEND event for people, who develop teams of people, who develop their careers. The theme of the event is self-leadership! We all need to lead ourselves nowadays. There is even talk of companies not needing any owners or ‘bosses’, because the people who do the work could, and maybe even should, make the important decisions regarding it. We will hear motivational speeches from people who are leaders in their life and work, and inspirational talks from people who have cracked the code of constant self-development. Our flagship interactive panel discussion BRIDGE THE HIRING GAP, will also be featured for the 4th time this year. In the panel we put job seekers, founders and recruiters around the same table to exchange experiences, and learn from each other’s behaviours. You will also have the chance to be involved in the discussion, by asking them questions and answering polls. To achieve one’s goals one must also learn to plan and keep track of time, because if not, there will never be enough time to do the things one wants to do. Follow a workshop on time management by (tbc) to get tips on how to do that and achieve your goals. At the same time in a parallel session our dev team will be around to show what we have done so far with our matching aggregator, which you will be able to test and shape through your feedback. The event offers networking opportunities with your potential future colleagues. Let’s have fun too, since exactly on this date 2 years ago amplaffy was born. Woohoo!!! FOR WHOM: – Startup/Scaleup founders/recruiters – Job Seekers / People upgrading their careers – Ecosystem Players (accelerators, events, communities, media, funding bodies, educational entities) PROGRAM: 16:00 Arrival 16:15 Welcome 16:30 Motivational Speeches: Self-leadership 16:45 Interactive Panel: BRIDGE THE HIRING GAP 18:00 Inspirational Talks: Self-development 18:15 In parallel: Mini Workshop: Time management or Testing Session: amplaffy Matching Aggregator 18:45 PARTY for our 2 year Anniversary! 20:00 END Where: Terkko Health HubWhen: 23.10.2019 at 16:00Fee: Free of charge This event is part of our ‘amplaffy 36’ program. Come to meet our 2019 amplaffyers! Poista tai päivitä tapahtuma