Breathless Expedition Weekend Snowy Mountains – July

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir Embrace the elements, free your mind and join us on an adventure into the depths of human capabilities. WHY SHOULD I COME ALONG? Conquer more than just a mountain. Over the weekend, you will experience advanced breathwork sessions, yoga classes, informative workshops, guided meditations, stimulating discussions and of course, cold water immersion. Our local guide will be on hand to help guide us through and gain a unique insight into the beauty that is the Snowy Mountains. We will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. To help you make this your own journey. To allow you the space and provide you with the tools to tap into your inner superhuman. No matter what your fitness level is, no matter what you’re looking to get out of this time away, you will leave armed with the knowledge and daily practices to enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellness and embrace your true full potential. WHAT’S INCLUDED? The retreat is all inclusive. All you need to do is buy a ticket and get yourself to the mountains. We’ll take care of everything else.  3 days and 2 nights of retreat content and practices  2 nights multi-share accommodation (single room supplement are available)  All meals within the retreat itinerary  Ski lift passes  Snow hiking equipment We have so many exciting and beautiful activities in store, that we can’t wait to share this weekend with you and see the journey you take not only during the days we spend together, but as a part of the community moving forward. CAN ANYONE COME ALONG? While all activities require a basic level of fitness, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to take part. We all take each activity at our own pace and no one will be left behind. WHAT’S THE COST? $999* each (early bird tickets) $1250* each (full price tickets) Due to the nature of this unique event, places are limited so be sure to grab your ticket ASAP as previous expeditions tend to sell out in advance. We are committed to ensuring everyone who wants to attend has access to these expeditions, so if you have questions or need assistance around payment plans, we are here to help. Please get in touch with us directly and we’ll do our best to help you out. *Based on twin/triple share accommodation. If you would prefer to have your own room, please get in touch with us about single room rates. DO I NEED TO DO ANY TRAINING PRIOR TO COMING ALONG? To get the most out your time on the mountain, we recommend completing the Breathless 35 day online preparation course before you arrive. // This course will run in Group format with weekly recorded calls & Q&A sessions, recorded in HD and made available to participants // Once you’ve signed up, we invite you to the comprehensive 35 day course that covers various aspects of breath work, physical and mindset training to prepare you and your body for the weekend. This will include daily breathwork practices and exercises + a resource library. We’ll set up a private Facebook group so as to provide support and guidance before you even get to the mountains and to give you the opportunity to virtually meet your fellow explorers. Carpools will be organised from Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra so if you would like to join one, please let us know. THE BREATHLESS TEAM Johannes Egberts is a certified instructor, Oxygen Advantage trainer, XPT coach and free diver from the Netherlands. Having worked with and studied under many experts in the field of health and wellness including Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton and Patrick McKeown. Johannes now runs Breathless – A platform for Education & Experiences. With over five years of experience, research and insight into the related theory and practice of breathwork, he has guided thousands of people in his workshops, teaching, creating and working with the NRL NZ Warriors, Wim Hof, Prof. Marc Cohen, Ludovico Einaudi and David Goggins to mention but a few. Lex Reily Lex seeks to utilize his ever growing heart chakra to spread his love of nature and reconnect all to the truer self. Having led expeditions catered for delicate high school students to leading soldiers in his former career Lex has both a wide and deep spectrum of life experiences connected to and at the mercy of Nature. With qualifications in Life Coaching, Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management, Fitness, Military Risk Management, one of Lex’s most cherished skills is the ability to retell ancient stories and transport his listeners through space and time. WHAT IS BREATHLESS? Breathless is the space in between science and the unknown The space between the head and the heart. Between learning and feeling. Between doing and being. Breathless is the culmination of years of practicing different breathing protocols and holistic wellbeing methods, studying under some of the world’s most renowned breathwork experts and researching into the science, both old and the new. Taking well known, ancient breath techniques with new and altogether revolutionary neuroscience and studies into human potential, we are bringing all this knowledge together in one place. By learning to become aware of our breath and how it impacts on us, we can influence our health, our mental state, the way we feel, the way we move, the way we live. These all break down into roughly three different areas: Self regulation Controlling your emotions, behaviours, energy levels and state Self expression Using breathing for more creative and spiritual endeavours to create a certain state and go within Self awareness Through mastering the breath, we can learn more about all three of these areas and create feedback loops that change our behaviours and ultimately, our quality of life. When we control our breathing, we control our awareness, our focus and our energy, our life force. Breathing is a behaviour. Breath control is self control. Breath awareness is self awareness. When the breath flows fully and freely our natural creative and healing energies flow fully and freely. | Contact | Privacy | Terms