Boostrap Web Development Weekend Training & Certification

Front-End Web Development with Bootstrap Learn how to create beautiful mobile-first websites with the Bootstrap framework. Built for beginners, and easy to follow. What Will You Learn? Understand the main components of the Bootstrap Framework, and how to use them to be a great Front-End developer How to use Grid Patterns, and different components to add structure and style to your application Get a complete, meaningful overview of CSS frameworks and how to use them effectively Use customizable templates to quickly launch your own professional, mobile-responsive website with very little effort! Course Description In this weekend course, you’ll learn the basic elements of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. You’ll have hours of video instructions and a textbook with beginner to advanced concepts, practical exercises and you’ll get 20 resuable Bootstrap templates that you can quickly use, edit and reverse engineer to create your own projects. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll develop and publish your own professional, mobile-responsive website. Giving you real-world experience as a Front-End developer. Requirements You will need a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS before taking this course. This course is paced at «medium to slow» and intended for absolute beginners. If you’re an advanced developer, feel free to skip over topics you’re already familiar with. Who Is This Course For? Anyone who wants to learn how to build mobile-responsive websites easily Non-technical entrepreneurs that want an easy way to prototpe their ideas for a website or application What Certificate Will I Receive? You will receive a Samex Bootstrap Certification in the form of a blockchain secured certificate that can be verified by any employer. Where will the training be held? We offer training in claassroom and online formats. This registration is for the online format so that it’s convenient for you to learn exactly what you need. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection, and you can access the class anywhere over the weekend.