Bodywork & Healing Arts Program – Application

Heal. Empower. Serve. 555 Hour Urban Retreat Our Mission & Purpose At Panacea Holistic Institute, we are honored to pass down the lessons of our teachers. Sharing the wisdom gained from our cumulative career experiences with our students & guiding future practitioners to serve all bodies, with ease.  Panacea Holistic Institute and the Holistic Educators Guild serve the expansion of bodywork and the empowered wellness movement, one student and body at a time. As a School and Guild of Holistic Educators, our experienced & scientific approach celebrates all directions of Health. Apprentice to Master, Panacea offers a wide range of career tools for our students-  allowing for longevity, inspiration and fruitful client relationships. Our Objective We ignite healing and learning with these principles: Offer a sustainable and attainable career path for holistic-minded wellness ambassadors. Contribute to the Wellness Empowerment Movement. Internal Healing and Universal Healing. Ignite healing within and with all. Comply and participate with Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. (ABMP), CAMTC, BPPE & and all certifying / approving bodies. Core Values Relaxation is the key or Panacea to all health. Presence is key to relaxation. Harmony with our energetics guide every movement and allows for depth in relaxation. Empowered Awareness- gives strength to the receiving party. Being open to all approaches without degradation of another. Applies to teachers and students. Remedy Oriented Thinking –  choosing to find a solution rather than a lack. Applies to the holistic work and the educational process. Mindfulness Integration. Curriculum Learn the art and craft of a professional level massage therapy practice. This program is focused on hands-on international approaches. Exploring anatomy, pathology & physiology with an emphasis on the 11 systems of the body and their functions in relation to massage and bodywork. Preparing students for the professional world with an overall emphasis on self-care mindedness and conscious business practices. For more information and a complete course catalog and schedule you may visit  *Note – purchase of this ticket covers the cost of the course application fee only. Once the application has been approved the student may register ($555 fee) and begin payment of course tuition ($13,333 cost). Please visit  call us at (442) 444-2515 for more information.