BMC Improvised Rescue for Climbers Course (Intermediate)

This one-day course for BMC club members is designed for experienced climbers with prior knowledge of basic improvised self rescue skills. Attendees should be confident with tying off a belay plate, escaping a system for in-reach and out of reach anchors and ascending a rope. They should also be confident in rope handling skills, operating a belay plate and abseiling. Skills covered: discussion on problem avoidance equipment for self-rescue revision of key skills such as tying off a belay plate and escaping the system with an in reach anchor and escaping the system with an out of reach anchor ascending a rope past a knot abseiling with an injured climber abseiling past a knot and assisted and unassisted hoists). assisting climbers in a sea cliff environment where lowering isn’t a possibility assisting a fallen climber on a traverse The course cost is kept low due to a subsidy from Sport England. Course information PDF Further info BMC website