Blue Star Celestial – Level 1

Powerful Blue Star Celestial Energy utilizes the transmission of spiritual abilities to bridge the gap between God and man.

About this Event


This is a Zoom Event best viewed on computer or larger ipad. Make sure you are in a comfortable place and not walking around.

Reiki Master Teacher Rod Lyman

July 25th at 10 AM – 2 PM Arizona time. And July 26th at 10 AM – 2 PM Arizona time.

Add a new modality to your tool Box with Blue Star Celestial Energy.

Powerful Blue Star Celestial Energy utilizes the transmission of spiritual abilities to bridge the gap between God and man via the Rainbow Bridge, enabling the practitioner to realize their potential and function at expanded levels of awareness.

The symbols and Hekau you will receive are extremely powerful and have a positive effect on the psyche. This leads to self-healing, advancing spiritual evolution and the ability to change frequencies for the healing cause within this time zone of the earth.

Blue Star Celestial Energy is manifested through the third eye during initiation. It is a golden light encircling a sphere of luminous white, at the center of which is an opalescent, blue- glowing five-pointed star. The Blue Star Celestial Energy symbols contain God and/or archetypal energies, evoking a response at a Divine universal level.

The Blue Star Practitioner, using this ancient technology, gives it life at his or her level, and not necessarily at the frequency at which they normally operate. The Blue Star symbols are points of convergence of the forces that unite the divine and human world.

Blue Star Celestial Energy is facilitated on earth by the Pleiadians and Sirians. The Pleiadians are an extraterrestrial group of Christed beings from a star cluster in the constellation Taurus, approximately five hundred light years from Earth. They are one of the most advanced races in this galaxy in terms of music and dance.

The Sirians are another wonderful civilization of Christed ET’s. They are more advanced in the metaphysical sense as Sirius is one of the more advanced training centers or universities to which the Ascended Masters travel. Sirius has a direct link to our solar system and the Sirians have been amongst us since the time of the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations. You will receive a downloadable Certificate of completion.

Knowlege of wisdom of the Celestial energy.

You also will have the feeling of going back home.

Understanding Celestial compassion.

How to get the energy you need.

If you have already taken this class from me I have a special price for you.. Check it out when you get your tickets.

You must have at least a 2nd level Reiki attunement to participate in this course.