Blind Tasting ELIXIR's Whisk(e)y Collection:A Survey of W…

A Blind Tasting and Discussion of Independent Bottlers of Scotch Whisky from the vast ELIXIR collection.

About this Event

An online banter session of whiskey geeks, newbies, friends and relatives. It’s an online party where everyone is right and no one is crazy. We’re going to blind taste a bunch of whiskey and talk about what they taste like, why you like or dislike them, and discuss some of the reasons behind those things so that you get to learn your whiskey palate.

We’ve been collecting whiskey for years, and this is a great way to get these whiskies out of our bottles and into your mouths! This is a REALLY fun format for meeting people, discussing delicious spirits, and experiencing some surprises.

Join us for an interesting couple of hours of tasting and discussing some really great whisky you probably have never had before! You’ll get SIX (6) pours of whisky worth anywhere from $75-$150 at regular pricing (depending on the selection), for just $65! The whiskies will range in style from all over: Scotland, the Americas, Ireland, Japan, India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all possible!

You’ll get 6x 1 ounce tastes of really fabulous stuff. You may love them all, you may dislike a few, or you may discover the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Who knows? But you’ll have fun!


  • Whiskies will be ready for pickup from the bar starting July 13th. Please coordinate your pickup by emailing email
  • We can deliver your whiskies within 20 miles of Elixir for a $20 delivery fee, or you can contact us for any special arrangements beyond that. Deliveries will be made the weekend prior to the event.
  • Shipments of flights can be arranged and paid for outside of your ticket price. Please contact email to coordinate

ABOUT Elixir Whiskey Geeks

Whiskey Geeks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and whatever other descriptor you can think of, and they are all welcome here. Our Whiskey Geeks program is a free «club» (an email list) designed to give our friends and neighbors access to reputable thought leaders in the world of all spirits (not just whisk(e)y), By providing «edutainment events» at ELIXIR, we give the geek in everyone a chance to ask questions, taste new things, and meet the people that bring them to us. Everyone wins when they join Elixir Whiskey Geeks. Sign up for our newsletter at and you’ll not only get weekly news of our upcoming events, you’ll get exclusive news on discounts and specials for newsletter subscribers only. If you’re not on the list, you’re not a registered Elixir Whiskey Geek! #toeornottoe is indeed the question.

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21 and Over only


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

yes, you must be 21 or older

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

415- WHISKY2 (415-944-7592)


What’s the refund policy?

No refunds.