Biosafety Induction Training (PC1/PC2 & BSC) (B)

Biosafety Induction Training (PC1 / PC2 & BSC) The course provides information on applicable standards and legislative requirements for biological research work and safe work practices introduction into OGTR and DAWR requirements what is the LBC (Laboraotry and Biosafety Committee) and their role in your research function and variety of biosafety cabinets (BSC) other types of containment devices and how they differ from BSCs how to work safety in a Class II BSC including a video presentation of safe work practices This training is compulsory for research staff, Honours / HDR students who intend to undertake biological research at Deakin University. Training consists of attendance at a **** to **** session then successful completion of the biosafety quiz. Training is valid for 3 years. Please bring your Deakin ID to the session.