Bighorn Sheep in Joshua Tree National Park Fall 2019

Desert bighorn sheep is the largest native animal in the desert southwest.  Mark Jorgensen will discuss the natural history of desert bighorn sheep in the Southwest US and northern Mexico. He will discuss the bighorn’s amazing adaptations to the desert environment, including their physical characteristics, distribution, behavior, predator relationships and diseases in this class.  Participants will also learn about how the Park’s current preservation efforts for the bighorn sheep corresponds with the unique physiological characteristics of these animals and the Park’s management plan to preserve this magnificent animal, as a part of California’s heritage.  During the session, the class will hike into bighorn habitat and learn the key elements important for bighorn sheep survival. The field trip will highlight the importance of vast wilderness habitats, steep terrain, diverse plant communities, protection from human encroachment, and the threat of domestic livestock diseases on the native bighorn sheep. Download the course outline: Bighorn Sheep in Joshua Tree National Park Fall 2019 Hike Level: Easy to Moderate (Fitness Levels) If you are a member of JTNPA/PINE you will get a $10 discount off every Desert Institute class. If you are not a member you can become one here. Before registering, please take the time to review our General Class Information and download the Enrollment Attachments, that contain pertinent information about your class and Joshua Tree National Park. Camping reservations must be made through Please print and fill out the PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT.  You can bring the completed form to the class. Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel, notify us at least seven days prior to the start of the course and we will process your request minus a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds, transfers, or credits will be granted if cancellation occurs within the seven day period. Please note that we cannot make any exceptions to this refund policy for any reason, including but not limited to medical reasons, illness, travel delays, personal situations, emergencies, or weather. This program depends on registration for its funding. While inconvenient, please understand that this policy enables us to sustain our programs even with last minute cancellations. NPS Photo