Big Brush Watercolor Workshop by Sterling Edwards

Join renowned watercolorist Sterling Edwards in this exciting educational workshop that is designed for those who would like to work looser and be more creative with watercolors. In this workshop you will see a wide variety of landscape, floral, and abstract demonstrations using brushes as large as 3” wide to block in the subject of the painting. Let’s **** it; you can’t get tight with a three inch brush. The painting is then completed using mostly 1” and larger brushes. You will also learn how to use stiff bristle brushes with watercolors for beautiful blending, textures, and washes. Some of the topics that you will see demonstrated and explained include; working from photographs, building a strong composition, saving white paper and introducing rich darks, balancing positive and negative shapes to create depth and drama in your painting, creative color mixing, and so much more.     All of Sterling’s workshops are designed to be fun and inspirational. Come see for yourself why Sterling Edwards is one of the most sought after workshop instructors in the U.S. and abroad. All skill levels are invited to this workshop, but as with any watercolor workshop, previous watercolor and drawing experience is definitely helpful. | Contact | Privacy | Terms