Belton Family Reunion 2020

Dear Family Member:  The Belton Family Reunion will be held July 31 – August 2, 2020, at _________________, and Telephone Number_______________. Reservations should be made by contacting the hotel’s reservations office. NOTE: Rooms may be guaranteed by credit card (mail no cash) and notify the hotel you are with the BELTON FAMILY REUNION. The room rates are: ______ (Standard Queen); _____ (King Suite); and _____ (King Jacuzzi) per night plus applicable taxes. Please make your reservations by July 1, 2020.  Registration – The costs for all members and guests participating in all functions are as follows: 0-2 years- free; 3-11 years – $40.00; 12 years and older – $80.00. For those who wish to participate in all events except eating functions, registration fees are: children 3-11 years – $15.00; 12 years and older – $45.00. If you register by May 1, 2019, the “Early Bird” registration fee for adults (12 and older) will be $70.00 (a $10.00 discount).  Deadlines – “Early Bird” registration forms for adults are due by May 1, 2020. Registration forms are due by June 1, 2020. Scholarship forms are due by July 1, 2020. Please be mindful, registration forms should be postmarked at least five (5) days prior to the stated deadlines, outlined on the registration form, to ensure timely delivery. No registration forms will be accepted after July 19, 2020 (no exceptions).  National Dues – National dues of $5.00 are already included in the registration fee. If you are not planning to register for the reunion this year, but would like to help with the mailing expenses. You may send in your donation using this form, also giving us any change(s) you may have in address, telephone number and e-mail.  To register, please complete this form and make check or money order (please do not send cash) payable to BELTON FAMILY REUNION (DO NOT MAKE MONEY ORDERS OR CHECKS OUT TO THE SECRETARY AS THEY WILL BE RETURNED) and mail to: Shari Belton, Financial Secretary Apt 1404 405 Berkeley Hill Dr. Charlotte, NC 28262 Phone: (980) 254-6938   Email:   Please return your registration form and fees by June 1, 2020. The following forms of payment will be accepted: Personal Check, Money Order, Certified Check, and Credit/Debit Card (3% fee added to this form of payment). A Late Registration fee of $25.00 will be charged for registration payments received between July 1, 2020 and July 19, 2020.