Bellydance Technique Level I

The 2020 Jan/Feb 6-week session of Bellydance classes will begin on January 19th! Bellydance classes are priced at $70 for one class during a 6-week session, or $95 if you participate in two classes during a 6-week session. Please sign up online by navigating to the first day of the class you wish to join and secure a spot since class size is limited. Bring payment by cash or check on the first day of class. Please note, any scheduled class not meeting the minimum 6 registered attendees as of January 16th will be canceled for the session. Sundays01/19/20 – 02/23/204:00pm Bellydance Choreography5:00pm Bellydance Level II7:00pm Bellydance Fitness Tuesdays01/21/20 – 02/25/206:30pm Bellydance Level I Wednesdays01/22/20 – 02/26/207:00pm Bellydance Fitness Beginner Bellydance Level I technique is a fun and exciting introduction to bellydance! With this class, participants will learn traditional/ethnic to modern cabaret and «fusion» styles. No previous dance training is required! Bellydance fitness is a fun conditioning class that utilizes the movement of middle eastern dance to target the core, upper arms, and upper legs. It is a medium intensity workout focusing on strength and toning through bellydance. The program is a follow-the-leader form of movement, without too much emphasis on mastering the dance form. The class playlist is repeated each class for 6 weeks so that each participant can measure progress against their own best self. You will need a yoga mat for Bellydance Fitness class. Level II and Choreography class require previous bellydance experience and require instructor approval.