Bella/anyone who sang with Shelly 1st annual get together!

The singing and fun must go on Alumni! Mark and I are hosting a three day singing/hiking/eating and being merry shenanigans here in our new home The Oasis in Colorado. You don’t want to miss this! Current seniors are welcome into the alumni community. Arrive Thursday afternoon-fly out Sunday evening! We have space for 16-first come first serve. We could also book an Air b and B close to our house and many of you could stay there-chip in and it will be cheap Groome transport is easy from Denver airport to our house or drop off is also on campus, 1.2 miles from our home. Please RSVP and we will do our best to coordinate schedules to get you here! We for sure will sing Stroope’s Psalm 23 and the beautiful arrangement of Mark’s «Dreaming of Home», The Blessing, as well as Savel which seems to be a beloved piece We will send you the music via e-mail/pdf we want to practice and sing ahead of time. If we have enough singers I will see if I could sing at a church up the road-low key, just sing for the sake of singing in nice acoustics! We could also brain storm about giving back to the community…we will see what we can squeeze in. It would be great to add on going to Rocky Mountain national park since you’re out here. It’s 1.5 hours from our home. We will stay in Fort Collins as there is SO much to do and see here!