Beautiful New Beginnings July 2020 Antenatal Course

PLEASE NOTE THIS COURSE RUNS FROM 13th JULY TO 10TH AUG  THE SESSION ON THE 13TH JULY  WILL LAST 2 HOURS 7-9pm following sessions last for 1 hour 7-8pm  TICKET INCLUDES ALL 5 SESSIONS Hi, welcome to Beautiful New Beginnings – Liverpool’s Independent Antenatal Courses. We offer antental courses run by a range of professionals to ensure that you enter into this new chapter feeling confident, skilled and prepared for the new journey ahead of you. Whether you’re first time parents or whether you’d just like to refresh your memory and hear the most up to date information, this course is for you! Our first two hour session is run by a fully qualified midwife who will take you through all of the basics – labour, birth, pain relief, signs of labour, different ways of giving birth, instrumental deliveries including caesarian section and what could happen if things don’t go to plan. Feeding, both breast and bottle is covered  as is what to pack in your hospital bag! Theres plenty of time to ask all of the questions you need and to make the most of the small group setting. The second session is run by a fully qualified personal trainer specialising in post and antenatal fitness. This is a practical session, so wear your comfy clothes! There’s information and guidance on safe exercise, stretches, back strengthening and relaxation plus lots of information on how to look after yourself post birth (yes… its that pelvic floor!) The third session is run by St John Ambulance Service and covers neborn, infant and paediatric first aid including the recovery position, CPR, choking, febrile convulsions and how, why and when to seek help if your baby becomes ill. This again is a really practical and hands on session which we always get amazing feedback from. The fourth session is run by our amazing health visitor and she will discuss safe sleeping, feeding, how and what to dress your baby in for different temperatures, immunisations, registering your baby and again as theres plenty of time for questions and answers, you can feel free to ask about what really matters to you. The final session is also an opportunity for you to recap anything you think we may have missed so if its baby wearing you’d like more information on we can get that to you on this final session! During this session we also look at what’s available to you and your baby when they arrive in terms of services, groups, classes and how to find the information!  Our aim is for you to go into this new chapter of your life feeling skilled, knowledgeable, prepared and confident with a brand new set of friends to enjoy the parenthood journey with. Our advice is up to date yet honest, most of us are mums and have been there! We know how you feel and want to make sure that you enter into this new phase of your life feeling fully supported. We offer follow on support in the form of whatsapp groups and have a range of classes available that you could get involved in too! Hopefully we will be welcoming you onto our course very soon! Until then, take care and rest up! Carolyn