Beast Bounce (2/18 to 4/10) M/W 4-5pm

Only 15 spots available for our highly anticipated Beast Bounce program!!! This 8 week, Vertical Jump Enchancement Program has been proven year after year to help ANY athlete JUMP HIGHER, INCREASE STRENGTH and increase  OVERALL PERFORMANCE! GUARANTEED RESULTS!! Sign up now to secure your spot! This EVENT WILL SELL OUT!!  AREAS OF EMPHASIS 1. Mobilty/Flexibilty and Recovery (every sunday at 2pm) 2. Plyometrics and Uniateral Strength Training 3. Rate of Force Production and Elasticity 4. Multi Driectional Explosiveness 5. Core Strength and Stabilty  6. Injury Prevention  7. Jumping Biomechanics and Technique (some sessions will be held on court) 8. Nutritional for Optimal Vertical Jump enhancement (seperate cost$) 9. Veritical Jump Mentality All sessions are 60 minutes!! Session days and times are as follows:  Monday 4:00PM -5pm Weds 4:00PM-5pm   Sunday 2:00pm-3pm (recovery)  Call 727-400-4785 or email info@ you have any questions!!