Be Extraordinary! Mindfulness and Marketing | July 30, 2020

We’re all overworked these days – too many deadlines, too much information, too many notifications, too many emails. That’s especially true of marketers, who are now expected to simultaneously master social media and marketing technology platforms, develop marketing strategies, understand and analyze Big Data, and still handle everything marketers used to do, from advertising to pricing strategy. There’s only one answer – marketers have to step back, stay in the present moment to deal with the complex tasks in front of us. Our Be Extraordinary talk will be on MARKETER AND MINDFULNESS with extraordinary speaker Paul Pitsaras from The Open Mind Institute.  Paul is the Co-founder, Managing Director and Speaker at The Open Mind Institute, also known as ‘TOMI’. TOMI is a cognitive-enhancement and mental wellbeing training service provider, delivering events, coaching, digital wellness solutions to organisations, individuals and learning institutions. Before TOMI, Paul was a litigation lawyer for 10 years and worked in various leading law firms and departmental organisations in London, Melbourne and Brisbane. Paul has a double bachelor degree in Law and International Business, certificates in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Training and Assessment and studied Behavioural Science before going into the law. Paul’s articles on wellness, meditation and mindfulness have been published in Proctor and Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, podcasts & in the media on how to open minds and activate potential. Sign-up now! Be Extraordinary is thrilled to have UAP, LuxxBox, Brickworks and Tobin Wines as partners of the event.