Back to Basics: Part 2

**You do not have to have taken part in Back to Basics: Part 1 to take Part 2, or vice versa! ——————————————————– A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Alicia Assisting: Mara ——————————————————– Back to Basics is a workshop Series for all of those who would like to learn the basic techniques of contact improvisation. The focus will be to introduce you to this dance form and it’s basic principles. In Part 2 we will dive deeper into the foundations of CI. We will also introduce elements that make the dance more fun, fluid and dynamic! *All curios people are welcome! —————————————————— Topics we will explore: —————————————————— Directions: understanding the body in space whilst being in a constant state of alert and disorientation. Landscapes: understanding how different surfaces function as landscapes to dance with. Be it the floor, another body or bodies, your mind, imagination and thoughts as well as the space that holds the dancing bodies. All these are landscapes we can play with. Weight giving & lifting: technique and preparation for weight lifting both dynamic and static. Centre awareness: using the centre for fun lifts and learning to go with unpredictable changes, and more dynamic moves, whilst maintaining a connection, common understanding and trust with partner. Pathways into Flow: through spiralling, point of contact and centre to centre finding predictable and unpredictable pathways alone and with your partner that allow you to be in a state of flow. *The workshop will be held in English. ———————————————————- WORKSHOP SCHEDULE ———————————————————- Saturday 8 August Doors Open 13.45 14.00 -18.00 (with a small break) ———————————————————- REGISTTRATION ———————————————————- We ask for registration, as the studio has limited capacity.

Reservation: email

———————————————————- PRICE ———————————————————- 90 CHF Regular 60 CHF KulturLegi & Student Karma Option I would really like to take part in the workshop, but cannot afford either the Reduced or Regular – So I give what I can! (limited numbers, must email to ask this option) ———————————————————— STUDIO ———————————————————— Dynamo Tanzdach Studio (5th Floor) Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich ———————————————————— About Alicia ———————————————————— An interdisciplinary social anthropologist who focuses on dance and embodiment and the social dynamics that happen in a non-linear and non-verbal context. Dancing contact improvisation and organising interdisciplinary, body, dance & movement related events has been one of her passions and she now combines her interest in dance, embodiment and anthropology whilst facilitating playful, meditative events (eg. Experimental Jam) and workshops. Alicia committed herself fully to contact improvisation back when she was living in London. This was the perfect place to be inspired and stimulated by an ongoing diversity of teachers and dancers. Her approach to contact is one of achieving the state of flow whilst dancing contact improvisation. For this technique is essential as much as maintaining a deep intuition. ————————————————————– About Mara: ————————————————————– Mara started dancing at young age, first classical ballett and later on contemporary dance and improvisation. She studied Community Dance at the Laban Institute in London, and has worked in community dance projects with different groups of people in England, Spain and Brazil. In Brazil, Mara fell in love with contact improvisation, on earth and in water. For her, CI is a way of encountering herself and her environment, of falling into presence, learning to act from a sensed reality and practising the art of relating. For three years she has been part of an intentional community project based on the common practice of CI and Improvisation in Spain, called The Monastery. Mara lives in Switzerland, where she teaches movement, organizes Jams and CI research labs and performs. ————————————————————– Check out Art of Flow: A Snippet of Alicia: