Baby massage classes

???? ??? ???? ??????? ???????? A fun way to learn how to soothe your baby, relieve tummy upsets, learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal language and much, much more. The classes are informal, relaxed, and small enough to ensure you get the personal attention you need. The classes are held in ??????? and consist of ???? ???????? of one hour duration each. Each session is held at weekly intervals to allow you and your baby to absorb all the information and get used to the massage. Group sizes are kept small to ensure personalised attention. The recommended age for group classes is from ????? ?? ???-???????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ? ?????? ???????? ? To do something warm, loving and special with your baby ? To help your baby sleep better (so you can!) ? To help relieve constipation and help your baby have regular bowel movements ? To reduce gas, colic, crying and reflux ? To help you and your baby relax (a lifelong skill!) ? To help your baby have a lifelong appreciation of touch and warm relationships ? To improve your baby’s digestion and absorption of nutrients ? To help your baby’s cognitive development ? To learn how to communicate better with your baby ? To help you and your baby fall in love with each other Also… ? Meet other parents with babies in a relaxing and supportive environment where parents can share experiences and learn from each other while having fun! ??? ?????????? Gregoria Kanaris is the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Contact Representative for Cyprus. ???????? The classes are taking place at the unique sensory room of the Mum & Baby centre ????? 90€ for 5 sessions (includes baby massage handouts and massage oil) ???????????? There are ??????? ?????? available. Please ???-???? your spot by contacting us on 7000 7065 or by instant message on The Mum and Baby Centre Facebook page.