B2B Sales Meetup Sydney

The B2B Sales Meetup is the event you can count on to provide no-nonsense sales hacks, tips, tech and strategies to make your selling easier. Sales is a tough way to make a living.  It seems like there are more ways to ‘sell’ than there is to spend your hard-earnd money and everyone has a different story of what to do and what not to do. The B2B Sales Meetups provide sellers with a place to come and talk sales, sales strategies, sales-tech, sales skills and discover what’s really working and what’s not? Who Should Atend. BDMs AEs/ AMs SDRs Sales Managers/ Leaders Sales Enablement  Startup founders/   CEOs If you’re interested in getting the inside scoop on what’s working today in sales, then this is your event. Why Attend. We have some of Australia’s highest performing salespeople sharing with you what they do on a day to day basis in their sales role. We will be discussing topics such as: What outreach cadence do they use, what tech do they use for presentations? How do they structure those? How much time per day do they spend on prospect research? What about sales lead times? What is their sales tech-stack? Plus way more on their regular sales activity. This event will help you get a clear picture on how you compare to some of the best in the business as well as give you some valuable take away actions, tips, strategies and skills you can implement to make your sales role more rewarding, right away. Our speakers are not trainers, authors or coaches! They are experienced salespeople we know who are doing great work RIGHT NOW. Because our sales guns come from various selling styles (Enterprise SaaS, Industrials, Consulting, Education and more) there is guaranteed to be some high-quality takeaways for anyone who sells for a living, regardless of what you sell. Networking, mixing with sales professionals at professional sales events is a great way to grow your professional network, meet new executives, new potential team members and increase your knowledge and skills. Plus there is free beer and pizza. Speaking slots open for 1st October! We’re accepting applications now! Spots are limited so please reach out to Tino, Mark or Stu if you are interested!  mark@salesitv.com / tino@binarym.co / stuart@binarym.co About WeWork WeWork is the platform for creators. We provide beautiful workspace, an inspiring community, and meaningful business services to tens of thousands of members around the world. From startups and freelancers to small businesses and large corporations, our community is united by a desire for our members to create meaningful work and lead meaningful lives—to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Co-founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York City in 2010, WeWork is a privately held company with over 10,000 employees.