AUES 2016 Pub Crawl: Beerlympics the 24th Olympiale

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ON YOUR MARKS…GET SET…CRAWL! 1 pub crawl, dozens of venues, thousands of elite athletes. Have you trained harder than your competition? Are you ready to push the limits of human capability? On March 18th will you be prepared to show the world what true Pub Crawlers are made of? The Adelaide University Engineering Society proudly presents: Beerlympics, “The 24th Olympiale” All those years of hard training have lead to this moment in time. One chance, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted! Athletes of different cultures and backgrounds, set to do their families proud as they march through the streets of Adelaide drinking from the taps, and dancing on the floors that your forefathers and their forefathers before them did. Many champions crawled in these streets before you, will you follow in their shoes and leave your mark on history? Stadiums and arenas all over Adelaide have come forth offering athletes special deals on liquid refreshments and nourishing meals to ensure they’re at peak performance. A handy “Athlete’s Guide” produced by the Beerlypics committee will be available to all participants and is the best way to plan your race over town.

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The opening ceremony at UniBar will send athletes off at the starting gun to all manner of events and tests of stamina.. The East End triathlon will see pub crawlers partake in some light shooting as they cycle through all that Rundle Street has to offer, before running along to Hindley street. Unleash your inner rhythmic gymnast on some of Adelaide’s finest dance floors. Remember to pace yourselves as this will be a test of your endurance. The champions will be those still in the running for the final Sprints at the West End. Camaraderie is key, cheer on your team mates and make sure we are standing united at the final moments. Please remember that Taekwondo, Fencing and Boxing have been cancelled at this year’s Beerlympics. And remember kids, drunken bobsledding is a big no no, and be careful during the equestrian! Those who exceed expectations will earn medals to reflect this fine effort. Uniforms for this prestigious event are limited and on track to race out fast at $25 each. Don’t miss your chance to represent us and do us proud! So will you capture it? Or just let it slip? *******SALE INFO******* – A shirt will entitle you to free entry, mad specials,Big Night Out (bus) Adventures , Fantastic meal deals, gnarly vibes and best of all, a party with a bunch of toned athletes Cost: $25 per shirt in male and female shirts (no singlets) When: O’Week. After O’week, sales continue outside Ingkarni Wardli (formerly Innova) 11am-2pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until sold out (WE HAVE EFTPOS MACHINES, NEAT!!) – Have fun, be safe and be responsible! – Tag us and hashtag the night to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! @AUES #AUES #Adelaide #auespubcrawl *******PUBS ‘N’ CLUBS******* East End** UniBar, Botanic Bar, PJ O’Brians, The Stag, The old Exchange Bar, Sugar, The Elephant, Belgium Beer cafe, Crown and Anchor, The Austral, Apple Bar, Mansions, Fumo Blu, London, Hotel Richmond, Shotz, Pirie & Co, «The Hotbox» at Lava West End** Little Pub on Hindley, XL nightclub, Encore/Cameo, Woolshed, Dog & Duck, Duke, Rosemont, Enigma, World’s End, Brew and Chew, Laneway and Red Square. Food!** Hungry Jacks Rundle Street/Hindley Street, Fancy Burger, The Original Yiros House, Zambrero, APH Bank Street, Mansions, Burp Burrito, Burger Theory, McDonalds Hindley, Afghan Charcoal Kebab House *******SHORT BACKGROUND OF THE AUES******* The AUES was established at Adelaide University well over 70 Years ago. The committee consists of 20 Adelaide Uni students from engineering and non-engineering disciplines who sacrifice countless hours and the odd lecture to run the ever-growing club. The society organizes social events and opportunities of professional development for its members. The AUES strives to host innovative, safe and relationship building events. The AUES has evolved over its rich history and has demonstrated its ability to adapt to change by working closely with all stakeholders.

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*******STAKEHOLDERS, SPONSORSHIP AND CONTACT******* The AUES 2016 Beerlympics is a annual, volunteer run, themed event that has grown exponentially over the last decade due to incredible organisation, project management, teamwork, stakeholder interaction and marketing. This is a fundraising event for a not-for-profit organisation. The proceeds are used to fund other society events including Barbeques, Careers Night, Networking Nights, Quiz night and Cocktail Night. To ensure a safe 2016 event, the AUES is in the process of meeting with stakeholders, strengthened previous police relationships, utilizing local community groups such as Encounter Youth and developed strategies to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Stakeholders, or companies interested in advertising or sponsorship are welcomed to contact the AUES. Contact President Damian Plagakis at | Contact | Privacy | Terms