Astral Aural sets: Lenka Morávková & the Bohemian Cristal…

HM157 is overjoyed to present to you this rare opportunity to experience the first live US performance by Lenka Morávková & the Bohemian Cristal Instrument (après Cristal Baschet)*** In 2012 Lenka Morávková designed the first large vertical and colored Cristal Bachet in the Czech Republic and assisted Spanish artist Martí Ruiz of the Metalúdic Baschet Collective .

********************** Rococo Jet will perform in the «PORTAL CHAMBER» feature the fine art installation created by Nora Keyes.. ROCOCO JET play music for travelling – especially if you happen to be travelling between dimensions, through mystic space-time portals, or perhaps to the very center of the cosmic ubermind itself… Jimmy Cabeza de Vacac’s subtle acoustic guitar stylings provide a lovely background for NORA KEYES angelic arias, her tremulous, silvery voice a siren song that calls us to an occult realm just beyond the horizon of consciousness, where DMT elves and Victorian garden faeries cavort and caper in a shimmering psychedelic dance through an ever-changing fractal infinity.

************* Dig the psychedelic sounds of Stochastic Doombience with (the) TELECAVES!

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Sporting novelty-sized bouffants that make the Shangrilas look like skinheads, the dynamic duo of ELAINE CAREY and her associate, JULIETTE AMOROSO make a mind-melting mystical melange out of chopped and screwed hypnotism cassettes, amplified saw, murky theremin, and somnambulistic E-bow Frippery, running it all through more effects pedals than Kevin Shields could shake a pick at. And Virginia Pelley’s mesmerizing psychotropic video Experiments provide a visual cherry on top of the ensuing sonic parfait!

************* DJ Don Bolles !!!

************* ALL AGES* $10 Entrance* No BYOB | Contato | Privacy | Terms