ASEAN Job Fair 2017

ASEAN Job Fair 2017
please register from here!>> Date: March 26th-27th (Sat, Sun) Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall More than 50 Japanese top companies who are especially looking for ASEAN students will participate! 日本語が下に続きます。 ****What is AYNJ ASEAN Job Fair?*** Coming to its 6th year, ASEAN Job Fair organized by ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ) does not only have the longest history but also boasts to be the biggest job-hunting event exclusively for ASEAN students in Japan! What makes this Job Fair so special is that it is an event by students, for students! The project team is made up by students from ASEAN countries and supported by all the official student associations of 9 ASEAN countries in Japan. All students of ASEAN nationality from all over Japan can participate in the Job Fair free of charge and are also given financial support in the form of transportation subsidies, ranging from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen! What’s more? We do not only have the most supportive team, but also the participation of Japanese best companies with high need for ASEAN talents! Joining in our Job Fair and leaving a good impression on the recruiters will definitely be a huge advantage as you enter the selection process. If you are determined to build your career in Japan, AYNJ ASEAN Job Fair 2017 is the place to be! Date: March 26th-27th (Sat,Sun), 2016 Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall

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