Albury Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Held over two weekends, one in-studio intensive weekend in Albury + a 4-day retreat at Chenrezig in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, over this 8 days of focused training, you will learn how to: Teach powerful meditation practices with confidence Teach mindfulness in regular classes, run workshops or facilitate longer courses. Release stress from the body quickly and easily. Motivate students to get started and stay with their practice. Develop an authentic student-teacher relationship. Hold space for group workshops and learning You will also fall in love and deepen your own meditation practice by enjoying 2 months of focussed learning, practice and support. Dates: First Immersion 16-19 July – The Space Yoga Centre, Dean St, Albury Second Immersion 20-23 August. 4-day Meditation Retreat – Chenrezig Institute Sunshine Coast