Agile Open Iowa – Des Moines, IA

       Have you ever wanted to create your very own conference filled with fascinating sessions focused on the topics that most interest you? Have you ever hoped to find a safe place to engage in a deep discussion with experts on a topic that you are just starting to learn? Welcome to the second annual Agile Open Iowa event, hosted in Des Moines on November 8, 2019. This isn’t a traditional conference! There are no keynote speakers or PowerPoints! Using the Open Space Technology (OST) approach, this event encourages agile practitioners to self-organize around topics that are most important to them. Attendees with common issues and interests share their experiences and learn from others. There is no pre-set agenda for the event, rather, sessions are created “live” by the participants at the start of the day. Please see the website for more information:  and for information on claiming CDUs, PDUs and SEUs for attending!