Afric Fashion and Cultural week is the Largest Gathering of Runway Models, Designer houses, Artist, Painters, Authors, Press, Buyers, Retailers, Fashion Professionals and Business Tycoons promoting African’s Rich Cultural Heritage, Celebrating Diversity and Pride. Fashion, art, music, cuisine, inspiration, networking & the celebration of rich cultural heritage. THEME »BEHIND THE MASK» | »DERRIÈRE LE MASQUE» DRESSCODE: CULTURAL ROYALTY  Dress to Represent the royalty background of your culture. FAQs How can I order an outfit for the dresscode?  Contact designer on WhatsApp: +33651473192 | +33634288215  What can/can’t I bring to the event? Cash money in order to purchace unique garment straight from the runway, accessories or art pieces. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? WhatsApp: +31650273334 Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes Can I update my registration information? Yes (Strict rules apply) Verwijderen of bijwerken evenement