Acrylic Nail Extension Course, 1 Day, £175, 2 spaces

1 day Acrylic Nail Extension Course. This is a exclusive one day course covering all aspects of acrylic extension nail application . You will apply natural looking tips and learn how to blend them into the natural nail to create a perfect extension. You will then apply white French tips with acrylic to strengthen. This course will qualify you as a nail technician working with acrylic extension methods and will give a solid background in all nail application method. Our Acrylic nail extension course content: ✓ Structure and function of nails ✓ Natural and party tip application ✓ Tip selection and blending ✓ Contra-indications and hygiene ✓ Critical aspects of nail extensions ✓ Filing, shaping and finishing nails ✓ Client aftercare ✓ Infill methods and advice ✓ White tip – French nail application ✓ Knowledge of sculpturing nails ✓ Maintenance of acrylic nail extensions ✓ Aftercare and repairs Duration: 1 Day Qualification: Diploma Price: £175 Requirements: This is a foundation beginner’s course therefore no prior experience is required. Practical Work: All products and equipment provided throughout.