AcroYoga Camp in the Swiss Alps

DATES: July Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th 2017 DESCRIPTION Are you excited for five days of AcroYoga, Partneracrobatics, Yoga, Handstand & strength training, movement practice, choreography training, creative process, and more? Do you aim for more strength, body awareness and stability? Then this unique camp in the Swiss Alps is for you! Don’t miss these five days full of bliss and magic – a unique experience. Commit and sign up today! In AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics people are about to develop and share amazing skills! Some of these skills you can admire immediately, while others are not visible at a first glance! AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics is more than just two people doing some amazing tricks. It has a magical part that can change faces, expressions, and the way of thinking and being. Magic is in the air! WHAT IS INCLUDED Four nights and full board accommodation at the holiday home ‘Fraubrunn’. Daily yoga; warm-up, handstand and strength training; AcroYoga / Partner Acrobatics (technique, skills, calibrations, flows, blindfold); choreography training, creative process; cool down. You will learn how to develop and train an AcroYoga flow, how to work out a choreography that connects the flow with music. Four teachers with an amazing background. Teaching will be in English but is also possible in German and French. INVESTMENT First 10: CHF 400.- (earlybird) Regular price: CHF 450.- Week-end only (Sa & Su): CHF 220.- Three days: CHF 300.- –> Contact us for special price if you’re from outside of Switzerland! REGISTRATION & INFORMATION: Write an e-mail for registration for payment details. PREREQUISTES: We are looking for people with some experience in AcroYoga (AcroBalance, Partner Acrobatics, Acro Dance, Sports Acrobatics) and/or some experience in any other movement discipline such as Yoga, Dance, Movement, Thai Chi, Capoeira, Slackline, Parkour, etc. The level of acrobatics be adapted to the participants’ level, and easier and more difficult variations will be offered. You should be able to base or fly: frontbird, backbird, star, shoulderstand SCHEDULE Daily schedule includes Yoga; Warm-up, handstand & strength training; AcroYoga / Partner Acrobatics / Acro Dance (technique, skills, calibrations, flows, blindfold); Choreography training, creative process; cool down. Arrival: Saturday July 15th at 10h30 AM at the gym (Dorfstrasse 46, Schulhaus Schönried, CH-3778 Schönried BE, Switzerland), no lunch included on Saturday (bring something to eat). Check-in at the holiday home Fraubrunnen: Saturday July 15th after 18 PM Departure: Wednesday July 19th at 14 PM after lunch (included). LOCATION Ferienheim Region Fraubrunnen (). Located in the Swiss Alps close to Gstaad. The holiday home is located in a hillside situation, surrounded by meadows and has a large terrace. Address: Erliweg 5, CH-3778 Schönried BE, Switzerland The location can be reached by train within 3 hours from Basel Euroairport, Zürich and Geneva Airports. Let us know if you’re attending from outside of Switzerland and need an accommodation for the night before/after the camp. We will try to host you. Gym (where the workshop starts on the first day): Dorfstrasse 46, Schulhaus Schönried, CH-3778 Schönried BE, Switzerland ACCOMMODATION Full board with three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) per day. Vegetarian/vegan on request. Sleeping in rooms of six. Beds are equipped with duvets and pillows and there’s no need to bring a sleeping bag. WHAT TO BRING Slippers for inside the house, sufficient comfortable yoga or sports cloths for one week, yoga mat, water bottle, hiking shoes, swimsuit, your preferred instrument (and some copies with the lyrics of your favourite song/mantra) FAMILY & CHILDREN It’s possible to bring your partner and children for the whole event or a part of it (week-end). A night costs CHF 48 for adults, CHF 40 for children 7-16 yrs, and CHF 34 for 3-6 yrs. There’s no babysitting offered on place, so you have to organize yourself. If we have several kids we will offer for children one or two acrobatic/circus afternoon workshops, and hiking guided by Andreas Steinegger. Besides, the nature is gorgeous and you can do all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, canyoning, adventure trails, etc. For more information check: ; BIOGRAPHIES All four main teachers are active in their communities and in Switzerland, know each other since a couple of years and are used to work together. All are members of the ‘Circle of Magic’ AcroYoga Dance project, and together attended the first European AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in Italy in April 2017. Debora Steinegger Debora loves movement and is full of energy and love for life, nature, music, artistry, and for the versatility of the human body. She’s a primary school teacher and has studied sports science at the University of Basel. Since a teenager she’s choreographically active, and is training dancing (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Contemporary Dance, Salsa, Jazz, Ballet), yoga, acrobatics, pole-dance, and silks. In 2013 she started with AcroYoga and Partneracrobatics. A.o., Debora was a dancer at “Nexus of Viet Dang” and at “Passionred”. She originally founded the dance company UNI-T ( at the University of Basel. From 2009 to 2015 she taught dance didactics & pedagogy at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts () and in the regional professional training for schoolteachers. Debora is mother of two children, currently working as a primary teacher and at the Circus School Basel () she teaches partneracrobatics and silks to children. In 2016, she founded the AcroYoga Dance Project ‘Circle of Magic’ for which she has developed the concept and choreographies. Cate Spinnler Cate loves to move ever since she was a girl and for her a day without movement is like a day without the sun and a smile. Gymnastics and dancing gave her joy and a passion to deepen what she loved. Connecting more to the body and mind, being curious about the alignment in many ways of different movement, opened new doors for her. Today she loves to teach Yoga (Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow), got hocked up with AcroYoga back in 2011 and did all her trainings to become an teacher (level II). She teaches AcroYoga classes, workshops and retreats all over Switzerland and currently is in the process to become an AcroYoga lunar and elemental immersion teacher. She loves to focus on smart movement and training in a similar way, and she moves to spread the joy and love for what she does, because connection through playfulness and trust are just amazing. Olivia Winiger Olivia is extremely passionate about human powered mobility. Curiosity keeps leading her down new paths and she loves to combine new things and a spirit of playfulness to connect with your inner child. Especially the practice of Yoga and AcroYoga is one of her greatest teachers as it provides endless opportunities to leave your comfort zone, to be adventurous and playful, to connect with others but also stay present with yourself. Olivia is one of the founders of Bern MOVES as it has been a vision of hers to create space where movement enthusiasts can connect and share their passion with each other in a mindful way. She teaches Yoga, handstand and AcroYoga classes and workshops/retreats on a regular base. Daniel Marty Daniel has always been passionate for all kind of outdoor activities and (fun) sports, be it course cycling, swimming, mountain running, soccer, hiking, climbing, skiing, stand up paddling, and most notably windsurfing. He was working several years as a windsurf instructor back in the 90s and one of his passion remains the hunt for big storms and waves (‘stormchase’). In 2008 he discovered Yoga and in 2013 AcroYoga, which ever since became a new passion. Daniel believes that AcroYoga or partneracrobatics definitely is a ‘fun sport’, that combines loads of fun and sport with meeting people and making new friends all over the world by taking risks and having and sharing success (or failure) together, and by building trust and communities. He took part in numerous AcroYoga immersions and Acrobatic Festivals and workshops, and he has completed a teacher training with and more recently in Dutch Acrobatics at “Stichting Staple” ( with Jim Klinkhamer & Det Rijven. Daniel organizes and occasionally holds acrobatic workshops and teaches weekly at a school circus (‘Bischu’). GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cancellation policy: The following rules apply for the cancellation and reimbursement of payment: Up to 6 weeks before: Refund of the full amount minus CHF 50 processing fee. Less than 6 weeks before: 50% of the fee is due, plus CHF 50 processing fee. For cancellations less than two weeks before: the full course amount is due and no refund is made, unless a substitute participant is found (already registered participants are not eligible as a substitute participants) plus CHF 50 processing fee. AGREEMENT OF RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY By registering to this workshop you recognize that insurance is in the responsibility of the participant and that you have an adequate accident insurance. Furthermore: –You agree that acrobatics and dance require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and that you’re fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. –You verify, and warrant that you’re physically fit and that you have no medical condition that would prevent your full participation in this camp. –You knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim you may have against by any of the organizers of the camp, for injury or damages that you may sustain as a result of participating in this camp. 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