a-ha Cast In Steel Tour

We are delighted to confirm that a-ha will return to Oslo Spektrum on April 30 to end the ‘Cast In Steel’ tour, 25 years after the first time they played there on January 14 & 15, 1991. ‘I never thought we would return to Oslo Spektrum, but now we are looking forward to it,’ says Morten. ‘I think it will be great. We will pace it so that the conditions are there for us, but it will be a full-on a-ha experience.’ According to Magne, ‘Both the planning and execution of a good show or a large-scale tour is an exciting challenge, but ultimately, without a good reaction from the audience, it would make no sense. The magic is in the space between them and us somewhere.’ Tickets go on sale Friday September 18 at 9 am.

See also: http://www.oslospektrum.no/a-ha.5795215-133570.html

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