4.13 Wed. AFROJACK Premium Showcase in TOKYO

DJ MAGランク8位。AFROJACK、1日限りのプレミアムショーケース開催! レアなクラブスタイルでのパフォーマンスを見逃すな! グラミー賞に輝き、世界中のフェスやクラブからダンスチャートまでを賑わせ続ける正真正銘のスーパースター、一夜限りのプレミアムショーケースを開催! ULTRAやelectroxなどのビッグフェスへの出演は記憶に新しいが、日本でのクラブスタイルのショーケースはまさに3年ぶり!ビッグスターとなった彼のパフォーマンスを間近で体感できるこの機会を見逃すな! ソールドアウト必至!ageHaが贈るこの春一番のビッグパーティー! The AFROJACK, who sits 8th place in the DJ MAG ranking, his premium showcase opens for one day only! Don’t miss out on this rare club style performance! With a Grammy under his belt, this genuine superstar has been thriving in the international festival and club circuits, as well as in the dance charts. For just one night a premium showcase is being held! Many will still remember his appearance at such big festivals as ULTRA or electrox, but his last showcase here in Japan was 3 years ago! So make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to experience his upcoming performance now that he has become a big star! It will soon be sold out! The first big party of this Spring is brought to you by ageHa! ■Be aware these points ・Minors are also allowed into the venue. We will check people’s ID at the drink bar, so please bring an identifying document with you, and make sure it shows a photograph of your face. ・Due to club style business hours, this will not be an all-night event. ・Entry into the venue will follow the order of people’s reference numbers. ・In the case that the main performer is canceled or changed, we will not give refunds for tickets under any case. Please take this into consideration. ・We won’t reissue tickets under any circumstance. Please handle yours with care. ・Either inside or outside the venue, any people who cause trouble for other attendants or who don’t follow the staff’s instructions will be forced to leave the venue, or won’t be allowed to enter. We won’t grant a ticket refund in any of those cases, so please take this into consideration. ・Dangerous acts performed during the main event, such as moshing or stage diving, are completely forbidden. Strict measures will be taken to expel from the venue any people who perform such acts. We won’t grant a ticket refund in any of these cases, so please take this into consideration. ・The venue, performing artists and event organizers will not take responsibility for any accidents, thefts, or any other such incidents either inside or outside the venue.


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