2nd Annual Lifestyle Medicine Masterclass

Program Overview The Lifestyle Medicine Masterclass is an opportunity for GPs, RNs and AHPs of the Hunter New England Central Coast region to receive the latest evidence around applying Lifestyle modification and behaviour change to patients with obesity and related chronic disease. The interactive workshops will be delivered first-hand by leaders in their fields, and will cover aspects of: gut health, nutrition choices, lifestyle determinants of Chronic Disease, readiness to change habits and motivational interviewing techniques. Throughout the course of the day, primary healthcare providers will be given the opportunity to identify and strengthen their pivotal role in coaching lifestyle behaviour change either independently, within in a multi-disciplinary team or through the use of shared medical appointments. On the day, attendees will be provided Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. You will also receive a goodie bag packed with resources and giveaways from some of our partners. Speaker Lineup  Professor Garry Egger: Father of Lifestyle Medicine in Australia, Professor of Health and Human Sciences, advisor to the World Health Organisation, researcher and author. The Cause-of-the-Cause of chronic disease, and the determinants of population health. An introduction to Shared Medical Appointments- the future of Chronic Disease management in primary care Dr Joanna McMillan: Australia’s favourite and best-known nutrition scientist, dietician, presenter, TEDx and keynote speaker and author.  Latest research on gut-health, the gut-brain axis and the effects of food choices on metabolism, mental health and overall vitality. Dr Darren Morton: Internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine Educator, researcher, presenter, author and collaborator of C.H.I.P. program.  The WHY, the LIFT and the LINK. Dr Michelle Reiss: GP, Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Fellow of ASLM and founder of the Lifestyle Medicine Centre. Novel ways that primary care providers can work in a multi-disciplinary team to deliver best-practice patient care for Chronic disease prevention and reversal.  Lifestyle Medicine – Past, Present and Future. Simon Matthews: Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Psychologist. Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) , author and international speaker and facilitator.  Lifestyle behaviour modification through assessment of readiness to change, motivational interviewing techniques and understanding habit change.  Becoming a “Health-coach” as a clinician