2020: Your B Kind to You Year: Body, Mind, Spirit

2020: Your B Kind to You Year: Body, Mind, Spirit 2020 is your year to B Kind to You. 2020 is your year to honor You… In all ways, so you can be, do and have all that matters most to you. 2020 is your year to discover what You need to do in body, mind and Spirit, to create the results you most want in all areas of life, to live the life you most want in all ways. Led by High Performance Health Coach and Digestive Health and Detox Specialist, Carol Egan, this 4-part holistic lifestyle workshop-series was designed by questions like: Who are you, beyond mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend… And what do YOU value most? Do your family’s, friend’s and co-worker’s habits, ideas and choices align with who you are today, and what you FEEL is best for YOU to live the life you most want? Do your choices support who you FEEL yourself to be deep within? The goal of this FREE workshop series is: To help you discover, or refine, what YOU most want in body, mind and Spirit Identify what sabotages and derails you from feeling your best and creating the results you want Doable steps you can take to achieve the results you want, so you can LIVE the life you want Session 1 — January 9 Your Most Important Relationship, Your Relationship With Your Self Session 2 — January 16 Diet, Fitness, Lifestyle Habits and What’s Missing That Makes All the Difference Session 3 — January 23 High Vibe, Low Vibe: Belief Systems and Thought Patterns Session 4 — January 30 It’s a Wrap: A live Q&A to get all your questions answered, so you feel empowered to B Kind to YOU in 2020 This workshop series is for you if you want to: Release all that doesn’t serve you, including excess weight and negative thought patterns Increase Life Force Energy in all ways, body, mind and Spirit Reclaim and get to know your Inner Guide Identify and move beyond what has held you back Benefit from all that becomes possible from a live, interactive, co-learning space… What people are saying: “What Carol gave me was life-changing. She did not hand me a magic bullet to fix my life. She took my hand and showed me the way.” ~Teri Bradshaw “Work with Carol if you’re ready for a real transformation.” ~Sherri Parks “Carol’s committed to you exceeding what you think is your potential… “ ~Ben Lappen