2020 NOFSW Conference

Forging a Path Toward Equity Routes towards equity look different for all types of helping professionals. A forensic social worker might contemplate “how could clients, families, communities, organizations, laws, policies, and outcomes be different if I am truly successful at what I do?” The possibilities are limitless… Extra-legal factors including race/ethnicity would not influence encounters with law enforcement and the courts, which would in turn decrease disparities in juvenile and justice systems. Service providers would better understand their clients mental and physical health, substance abuse challenges, and trauma histories and be able to treat them more effectively. Prevention practices would supersede punitive practices such that diversion, restorative justice, mediation, specialty courts, etc. are provided more often than punishment and incapacitation.  Cycles of domestic violence would be broken. Zip codes would no longer correlate to better or worse health outcomes, longer or shorter life expectancies, or the likelihood of going to college or getting a job. As forensic social workers, we are uniquely positioned to forge pathways to equity, today and for generations to come. With a focus on diversity, access, inclusion, and deep respect for lived experience, we invite you to partner with NOFSW to gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies to address explicit/implicit bias and advantage/oppression at micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Join us in New Orleans for the 37th annual conference to become a forensic social work Equity Trailblazer!