2019 Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Conference

The Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Task Force (CCBBTF) invites you to attend the 2019 Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Educational Conference. This conference is open to the public. Please join Dr. Karen Vail, University of Tennessee, along with local experts while they provide a wide variety of perspectives on topics including:  Bed Bug Basics – How To Identify, Prevent & Control Them Bed Bug Precautions for Social Workers/Home Visitors Bed Bug Movement in Residential Environments Bed Bugs in Non-Residential Environments (ie. Offices, Schools, etc.) Bed Bug Liability – What is the Law & Who is Responsible? Question & Answer Panel CEU applications are pending for registered sanitarians and social workers.  Commercial pesticide applicators have been approved for 4 hours (10A) and 1 hour (core). Parking is available at no cost. No processing fees for electronic registrations this year.  NOTE:  For agencies planning on using a Purchase Order, please contact 216-201-2001 ext.1264 for further details.  A complete list of attendees along with their individual lunch and drink choice is required.