10 Week Morning English Course (9 hours per week)

This is a 10 week English course, a total of 90 hours of study. Class Times: 9:30am – 12:45pm Class duration: 3 hours (with a 15 minute break) Class Days: you can choose any 3 days of the week to fit your schedule. All of our English Courses help improve all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Practice all aspects of the English language, in lessons which include vocabulary and grammar connected to the different topics studied. Our passionate and motivated teachers include activities that will help you gain confidence in your English ability and communication skills. Levels available: Elementary (CEFR: A1 Level) General English – For students with only some basic notions of English. Pre-Intermediate (CEFR: A2 Level) General English – For students with some general knowledge and English vocabulary. Intermediate (CEFR: B1 Level) General English – For students who understand and can use most of the basic structures of English. Upper-Intermediate (CEFR: B2 Level) General English – For students who wish to build upon their knowledge, acquire greater accuracy and fluency and use English as a tool for daily communication Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) (CEFR: B2 Level)  – For students who wish to prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate in English, using an exam specific course book, which focuses on all section of the exam; Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Advanced (CEFR: C1 Level) (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Only) – For students who wish to progress to a high level of English that will equip them for rapid and accurate communication in English. Assessment of your English language level, and study needs before starting the course Regular progress tests Marking your written homework Individual Learning Plan Price details for 10 Week Membership: 3 days per week (30 classes) £565 (10% saving) All students must buy a coursebook for their class, in addition to the course fees, which cost £30. Mininum enrolment age: 18 years old