10-week Food Business Training Thursday 7th May 2020

«This has been an absolutely brilliant course. It has taught me so much about the food industry and feel that this course should be criteria when going into the food industry. The trainers are very helpful and have so much knowledge and information in the food industry. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about the food industry.» «Brilliant course, realistic presentation of what is involved in starting a business in a very supportive way. Particularly like that GCDA are really ambitious in their outlook for their students and themselves.» Do you want to run your own business, but need some help getting started?Do you have a passion for a winning food idea? What we’ll cover: • You and your ideas• Legislation and the law• Health and Sustainability – how to capitalise on these themes to maximise your profits• Product Development – ensuring you have the best product possible• Running your Business – logistics, production, trading opportunities and more• Finance – how to price your product correctly• Promotions and Branding – how to sell yourself and your business product• Business planningAfter the training, you will be invited to join the Good Food in Greenwich and promoted as part of the network. 10-week course 7th May 2020 -16th July 2020 Thursdays, 10.00 – 13.00 at the Eltham Centre Please note, that there is a £10 deposit for UK Residents on benefits/on low income/not in work – this will be refunded to you upon completing the course.